This image was a labor of trust between me and the client.  She gave me a reference she made herself (last image above) and we immediately began to go back and forth with ideas and drafts.  We hit a wall after the flat image was agreed upon.  She was indecisive about a font for the logo.  I gave her a few choices, encouraged her to find a font example she liked and I'd give her multiple examples of the flat image with many fonts.  This went on for an entire day, she was so unsure about the font she wanted to use that she began to lose confidence in the original design altogether.  At this point I told her to let me finish the project, not only with consideration of some of her new ideas but also with full creative control.  I knew that if I gave her a 3d render and added some polish on the font she was leaning closest to, she'd be satisfied.  I was right.
- Earl Wolf Davis

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