I was privileged to have creative control on this commission, my only instructions were, 'I just want it to be gold.'  I couldn't just throw a gold background under the photo he provided. I gave him two choices, the first draft I sent him included a negative shape pattern abstraction.  I thought he'd lean more toward the abstraction but he ended up liking the one I enjoyed making the most.  As I usually do I thought out the box.  My best friend is in the cash for gold business and I always find myself intrigued with the idea of melting the metal.  And that became my eureka moment.  I created the melted gold effect but it wasn't working for me but I felt committed to the imagery.  So I flipped it upside down and instead of the gold melting over his face the effect became more like a golden Venom like symbiot taking over my clients body.
-Earl 'Wolf' Davis

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