When I was contacted by this long time client for this commission I was given the very liberal instruction to 'Just do you.'  I decided to use a man on fire concept that was matriculating in my mind for some time. I though it was awesome but it turned out that the client wasn't feeling the first draft at all.  I decided to take it as a personal challenge, I scrapped the original concept and asked myself, 'What is better than fire?'........LAVA.  I proceeded to throw the photo of the client in a vat of lava and melt his face away.  He was pleased with the second draft but I still felt like the image was incomplete.  Upon starting the 3rd draft I changed the full body image into a bust.  But instead of using the neck and shoulders I drew inspiration from the character Akuma from the Street Fighter game series and designed an original magma chocker.
-Earl 'Wolf' Davis

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